The Second Worst Excuse

There were five words that we never wanted to hear. I have to wash my hair.  It was the ultimate insult.  Dating, at least back when I was in high school, was a process.  We, the boys, called the girls for a date.  There were no guarantees.  First, you got up your courage.  One friend used to put on cologne.  And then you made the call.  Sometimes the answer was YES.  Sometimes it wasn’t.  But the cruelest response was the dreaded I have to wash my hair.  It was a terrible excuse.

Today I was given the second worst excuse. This is the actual email:

Good Morning,

Thank you for your interest in our Breakfast Meeting with Congressman Joyce to have taken place on Friday, March 3rd.

I’m sorry to inform you that the event has been canceled due to dental issues that our Congressman is experiencing at this time.  We more than likely will not be rescheduling this breakfast meeting during 2017 but hope to put this event on our 2018 calendar.

If you have paid for the event you can expect to see a refund from our office.

Thank you and I apologize for any inconvenience.

Linda Reed Executive Director

Eastern Lake County Chamber of Commerce

It appears that this is a terrible toothache. It is scheduled to last until 2018 when Congressman Joyce is up for reelection.  A client, a dentist, was in my office when this came.  She laughed and laughed.


1 thought on “The Second Worst Excuse

  1. Giving someone the benefit of doubt.
    Assume a tooth ache could explain a two week delay.
    Since adults have 32 teeth, Joyce could in fact be out of commission for nearly 16 months.
    Further assume, that fear of public speaking is near the top of the list of phobias.
    Finally, who among us would you want to be questioned about hypocrisy?
    So give the guy the benefit of the doubt and give him the boot in 2018.

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