The Parallel Universe

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I’ve had way too much time on my hands lately. This has led to way too much TV.  FOX, MSNBC, and CNN kept me company in the hospital and now at home.  Truth, I deserved better.

The frontrunner, the leading candidate for the Republican Party’s nomination, is imitating the pancake eating habits of one of his opponents. It looks like a Saturday Night Live skit.  Does the Leader of the Free World need the bullying skills of a 10 year old?  I’m shocked.  And if you are reading this, you are probably shocked, too.

So before this goes any further and everyone digs in for the final fight, I have a quick question:

What if it had been the other way?

Do my Republican friends wish that Donald Trump had hijacked the Democratic Party? He could have.  His positions (go ahead, detail them) could just as easily have been presented as D’s.  We could have Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, and Bernie Sanders fighting for the Democratic nomination.  And Jeb Bush could be just about ready to eliminate Scott Walker.

In that universe my Republican friends might  sleep easily with either of their potential nominees, Bush or Walker? Would they be praying for Trump to polish off Clinton and Sanders?  Would either of their guys beat Trump head-to-head?

Please list the top 5 reasons why the Democrats should be ashamed of a Trump ticket. Bet it would be easy.  But you are here, so what are you going to do in November?

And my Dem friends shouldn’t get too smug. It could have been us.  I would not vote for Donald Trump, period.  This time I will have an easy choice.  What about next time?

There is no escape to a parallel universe. We, as a country, need to start now to groom the candidates of 2020 and 2024.

4 thoughts on “The Parallel Universe

  1. David,
    Is it true that The Donald, in an attempt to gain sway with the unbound delegates, has offered them scholarships to Trump University?

    1. Unbound delegates have already received shipments of Trump Steaks and Trump Vodka from Cruz. Trump is calling it a dirty trick.

  2. Trump is an unwelcome disgrace to any Party. He invades any public space like John Madden crashing in on the scene to sell Lite Beer. He then confabulates impetuously and apprehensively like a Woody Allen character passing himself off as a professor lecturing to an amphitheater of medical staff (SLEEPER), and gesticulates like Mussolini from a balcony. Much of his leveraged wealth is likely derived from deals with the Mafia, from whom he seems to have adapted his negotiating tactics, along with the strategic legal perspectives of Joseph McCarthy’s attorney, Roy Cohn. After just one week in office many will start wondering if this guy has an “Off” switch. Hillary is no better. I am not writing off Cruz-Fiorina yet. They are the John Steed and Mrs. Emma Peele of this Universe. And we desperately need Avengers like them.

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