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    Michael J. Saltzman

    Is it true that The Donald, in an attempt to gain sway with the unbound delegates, has offered them scholarships to Trump University?

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      Unbound delegates have already received shipments of Trump Steaks and Trump Vodka from Cruz. Trump is calling it a dirty trick.

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    Trump is an unwelcome disgrace to any Party. He invades any public space like John Madden crashing in on the scene to sell Lite Beer. He then confabulates impetuously and apprehensively like a Woody Allen character passing himself off as a professor lecturing to an amphitheater of medical staff (SLEEPER), and gesticulates like Mussolini from a balcony. Much of his leveraged wealth is likely derived from deals with the Mafia, from whom he seems to have adapted his negotiating tactics, along with the strategic legal perspectives of Joseph McCarthy’s attorney, Roy Cohn. After just one week in office many will start wondering if this guy has an “Off” switch. Hillary is no better. I am not writing off Cruz-Fiorina yet. They are the John Steed and Mrs. Emma Peele of this Universe. And we desperately need Avengers like them.

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    I am Republican and I do not approve this message…Donald Trump as my nominee, that is.


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