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    There is no selective outrage.
    Just because one person (or party) is not civil does NOT mean you must go down that road too.
    The entire House had NO backbone with it’s watered down resolution. It should not have been hard for the entire 400+ members to vote against this kind of hate speech, but the newly elected freshmen are now the tail wagging the dog.
    In most cases I do not feel sorry for MS Pelosi, but she now has a problem on her hands and playing nice-nice with these people will not work.
    Anti-semitism just got a foothold in Congress, not because of comments of one member from Minnesota, but because 400 other members refused to stand up to her and her hateful speech.
    Just as you can not yell FIRE in a crowed movie house you should not be allowed to spew such old, hateful, and mean phrases in the US House of Representatives!

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    Not a big fan of the watered down resolution. Anti-Semitism didn’t just get a foothold in Congress, or in this country. This was simply one more example of good people failing to provide a full-throated rebuke of hate.


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