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    Linda McCorkle

    I am just reading this on February 17, and in the past week the incumbent president has demonstrated once again the perils of having a chief executive with no ties to the political structure. Declaring a national emergency because congress refused to appropriate funds as he wished was this president’s way of saying “I don’t need you” to elected officials on both sides of the aisle. Now that the precedent has been set, will we ever trust that a future president will not do the same thing?

    As flawed as the Democratic and Republican nominating processes are, they are what we have in place to lessen the chance of a lone ranger swooping in and taking over. They demand some kind of accountability (even if it backfires, as in the 2016 Republican promise to support the eventual nominee, whoever it should be.) I do hope that Howard Schultz, and any other potential candidate, will work within the existing structure.


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