Say Hi To Mitch

Your house is being robbed.  You can

  1. Do nothing. Appreciate that the thief is only taking the stuff you don’t like.
  2. Do nothing since the thief is entertaining and his comments are hilarious.
  3. Do nothing. This same thief broke into your neighbor’s home and took all the good stuff.  No sense in stopping him since he isn’t taking anything you value.  As a bonus, he promises to go back to your neighbor’s house and take more of their stuff.
  4. Stop the thief.

It would appear that the Republicans have chosen option #3.  They don’t want to do anything as long as the thief only takes the stuff that someone else values.  And if you look out in the driveway, that’s Mitch McConnell driving the getaway car.


Picture – Not Enough Locks – David L Cunix