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    Linda McCorkle

    Dave, what you (and most people, I pray) understand that 45 does not, is that who we are depends upon relationships and context. It’s why you felt no need to yell “well, technically, I’m not” in response to being called “Sally’s husband;” it’s why my nephews didn’t correct the man who asked “you boys don’t mind waiting for mom, do you?” when, as we were leaving, I stopped to join Friends of the Library. In both cases the third party recognized the nature of the relationship, and in that moment the exact title didn’t really matter.

    What our current POTUS fails to recognize, or to acknowledge, is that he is in relationship with the people of this country and, by extension, the world. He loves having the title and the power he believes it confers upon him, but resists mightily the responsibility to honor the contexts (plural intentional)in which he holds that title. He declares things he has done as the “greatest” or “biggest” as if that changes objective facts and, as with civil servants, he denigrates the poor souls who recognize, and honor the limits of their positions. He mistakenly thinks the title allows him to orchestrate the context. If life experience to date has not taught him otherwise, I fear the enormity of a failure that would finally convince him.
    p.s.– Please give Sally my regards.

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    Thank you, Linda. I will.


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