The Natural

Roy Hobbs, bleeding and no longer armed with his favorite bat, stared at the opposing pitcher and steadied himself at the plate.  Once thought to be a budding superstar, mysteriously missing from the baseball scene for years, the entire team’s fate was on his shoulders.  The pitch.  The swing.  The Natural.  

My last post mentioned that our art is an integral part of our office.  So is the music.  I have almost 9,000 songs on my computer.  One by one I loaded my CD’s on to my system.  My collection is mostly rock, pop, new age and jazz, though I have a little classical and dance, too.  Jeff probably has as much music on his computer, though we’re pretty sure it is all the Grateful Dead!

 The other difference between Jeff Bogart and I is that while I always have music playing in the background while I’m alone in my office, he is often listening to sports talk radio.  Jeff has absorbed hours and hours of interviews and commentary.  I always thought that this prepared him for the 15 minutes of hope all Browns fans feel just before the start of each season.  It turned out that the ESPN radio program was more than just background noise for Jeff. 

About a year or so ago Jeff created Yogic Investing, a business that brought the principles of Yoga to personal investing.  For those who view Yoga as something more than aerobic exercising and a great opportunity to sweat with beautiful people in tight clothing, there is much to learn about bringing balance and abundance to the world of personal finance.  It is not my thing, but I have talked to Jeff and many of the people who practice Yoga and I appreciate the spirituality and seriousness that they bring to the subject. 

Jeff recently took this to an entirely new level.  Three weeks ago he began a new project, a radio show, The Yoga of Money.  The show is found on the The Empowerment Station on VoiceAmerica, an online radio station.  We set up a studio in our office and once a week he does a live hour of radio.  The show is then available whenever you have time to listen. 

The most amazing part of this is that Jeff is a natural.  He’s terrific on the radio.  He conducts interviews and fields live calls.  Who knew?  Last Wednesday I was listening to his show in my office, 30 feet away from our studio, and if I hadn’t just had lunch with him before he went on air, I would have thought that I was listening to some guy in New York. 

We all have talents.  Some of us our lucky enough to have the opportunity to use those talents.