2020 Hindsight – Calling All Geniuses

This is it! Welcome to the 2020 I Told You So Contest. This is your opportunity to have your genius fully appreciated. All you need to do is predict 2020 before it happens. I host this contest every four years. There is no cost to enter and the game is open to anyone. Please share this with your friend who always knew Trump was going to win and be impeached or with your cousin who knows when Freddie Kitchens will be fired.

Though the contest is for fun, there are prizes.

1st Prize – $50 Gift Card to Shuhei or the restaurant of your choice.

2nd Prize – Lunch with me.

3rd Prize – Two lunches with me.

The Rules:

All entries must be submitted to me by January 6, 2020. The winner will be determined by the number of correct predictions. In lieu of exactly correct answers, the closest to the correct answer will be given credit. The decision of the judge (me) will be final. The second tie breaker is a coin toss.

Don’t be intimidated. No one will get them all right.

1. The President of the United States December 30, 2020 _______________________.
2. The Democratic nominee will be__________________________________.
3. The winner of the 2020 Presidential election will be________________________.
4. There will be ____ justices on the US Supreme Court on December 31, 2020.
5. The winner of the February 2, 2020 Super Bowl will be _______________________.
6. The Cleveland Indians will win ______ regular season games.
7. The Cleveland Browns will win _____ regular season games.
8. The Academy Award for best picture will go to _____________________________.
9. The Dow Jones Industrial Average will close December 31, 2020 at _____________.
10. A gallon of milk will be $_____ at Heinen’s Mayfield Village on June 30, 2020.

Tie Breaker: There is a song associated with every major city. For many of us, our favorite Cleveland song has our hero tell the story of how a decent model citizen is transformed by lust and thirst. Please name the song and artist __________________________________.



Picture – A Little Chutzpah In The 216 – David L Cunix