A Facebook Dilemma

I received the first email as an agent. The second came moments later because I am also an insured. The flier that came by regular mail was sent because I’m a top producer. It had all of the trappings of a campaign. The insurance company must have hired a social media consultant. XYZ Mutual wanted me, and all of my clients, to Like it on Facebook.

Like is such a strong word. It overstates the relationship. I’m much more comfortable with tolerate. That, of course, wasn’t an option.

The insurance company had paid attention to the consultant and included a drawing for a couple of fancy juice machines. I can’t tell you much about the juicers. I deleted the emails, tossed the flier, and have yet to look at the Facebook page.

This is a Facebook Dilemma. If a friend, like Jennifer Davis, gets a new job and asks me to Like the business, I do it. That’s easy. And if I had never heard of the business prior to the request – very easy. Beth Bryan asked me to Like the Lorain Arts Council. No Problem. I find that it is sometimes easier to support the businesses and causes you don’t know than the ones you do.

Let me know if you really want to enter a drawing for a fancy juice machine. I’ll provide the name of the insurer. And as for this post, pretend you don’t know me and Like it.