A Facebook Dilemma

I received the first email as an agent. The second came moments later because I am also an insured. The flier that came by regular mail was sent because I’m a top producer. It had all of the trappings of a campaign. The insurance company must have hired a social media consultant. XYZ Mutual wanted me, and all of my clients, to Like it on Facebook.

Like is such a strong word. It overstates the relationship. I’m much more comfortable with tolerate. That, of course, wasn’t an option.

The insurance company had paid attention to the consultant and included a drawing for a couple of fancy juice machines. I can’t tell you much about the juicers. I deleted the emails, tossed the flier, and have yet to look at the Facebook page.

This is a Facebook Dilemma. If a friend, like Jennifer Davis, gets a new job and asks me to Like the business, I do it. That’s easy. And if I had never heard of the business prior to the request – very easy. Beth Bryan asked me to Like the Lorain Arts Council. No Problem. I find that it is sometimes easier to support the businesses and causes you don’t know than the ones you do.

Let me know if you really want to enter a drawing for a fancy juice machine. I’ll provide the name of the insurer. And as for this post, pretend you don’t know me and Like it.

4 thoughts on “A Facebook Dilemma

  1. Dave,

    You might not be old enough to remember the commercial for Life Cereal. The youngest brother Mikey is forced to try Life and the slogan goes “He Likes It – Mikey Likes It!”.
    Ever since the first airing of that commercial friends have been shoving things in my face to see if I like it. Now friends are Facebooking me. The sole purpose of “Liking” something on Facebook is for one’s cookies to be revealed. Data collection is the primary/sole/only goal.
    This Mikey is tired of the constant opinion polling. The Heinens Brothers knowing what kind of Kosher bacon I prefer is enough.

    No Names Please.

  2. Hi Dave, I ‘Like” your post! And completely agree with you. Can the power of a relationship on Facebook change our relationship with companies from “tolerate” to “Like”, merely by asking someone to “Like” our page? I think not. Building a quality and sustainable relationship requires (as my friend Jeff says), “earning the right” and effort. This holds true in any community.

  3. At least they don’t ask you to LOVE it. And as I have seen before, why can’t we have a DISLIKE button for certain cases???

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