Karma or Almost Everything Survived The Move

Easiest move ever! Really, this could have been so much harder.  In fact, last time it was.  We were prepped.  We were organized.  And, we had a great team.

My books are already unpacked. The bookshelves look back to normal.  I’ve started to hang the pictures.  I’d like to acknowledge a couple of people who made this office move almost stress free.

We used Bill Tyers of Moving Solutions.  They dropped off 75 stackable crates last week.  His crew was supposed to be at my office yesterday morning at 8:30.  SIX guys walked in at 8:20, introduced themselves, and got to work.  They had two trucks.  They could not have been more professional.

The phone, internet, and designated Spectrum herder was Brian Lettau of ActivPC.  The new office was up on Monday, five days prior to our move.  We were without real phones and internet for over a month when we moved onto Landerbrook in 2010.

Chris Jones, the ShakerGeek, served as our technology/network consultant.  We knew what we were doing before we moved and it only took a couple of hours to tweak the system earlier today.  We are so dependent upon our internet that even an hour or two without easy access seems traumatic.  Our computers worked immediately.   All we had to do was plug them in (correctly).

Our office manager, Lianesha Mays, did a great job keeping Jeff focused on packing, a huge task in of itself. Moving disrupts her area the most.  I suspect that she will be totally unpacked by Monday afternoon.

My new office is:

Cunix Insurance Services

6690 Beta Drive Suite 212

Mayfield Village 44143


Time to hang more pictures. There was, by the way, one thing injured in the move.  Just one.  It always seems to happen when you want too much.