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    Susie Sharp

    Dave, you know I dig you and your groove – and I know the story. I promise never to ask you to repeat it, and I promise never again to subject you to being a passenger in my little car while you pretend to have your own set of brakes 🙂 The question I have is… there are lots of us out here who care about you guys, who want *actually* to know how you’re doing.. but we don’t want to be nudniks and in your face when you want to keep stuff to yourself – but on the other hand, we don’t want you to think we forgot about you, either. Where’s the happy medium? I am so used to just dropping you a quick word or article, and I kinda have been continuing the same behavior that I had with you “before.” I think about you guys a lot, but have avoided ‘hovering’…. are we good with that? Let us know if you want us to press down the pedal or let up.. or just keep it steady… and when a summer beverage is in order…

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    I hope I didn’t hit the imaginary break too much.

    When someone who knows about my little adventure calls or emails, he/she is following up and checking on the state of my recovery. I confess that I am not used to this much attention, but I do appreciate the concern. It is when I am asked to retell the details of the surgery and the hospital stay, to literally rehash the details covered in the blog, that I have a problem.


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