It Only Takes A Moment

13L1LDNU-2-150x150I got to do one of my favorite things today.

I was running errands in Legacy village when I came across four women crowding together as a fifth was backing up, attempting to focus her disposable camera.  They smiled.  She clicked.  I walked over and asked the photographer if she would like to have a picture taken with her friends.  They excitedly squished together and I snapped the shot.

I love doing that.  I have volunteered on beaches and cruise ships, in Europe and China.  It doesn’t matter where I am or whether or not the people speak English.  The looks of surprise and appreciation are always the same, regardless of the individuals’ cultures, religions, or nationalities.

2 thoughts on “It Only Takes A Moment

  1. Yet another joy we share in common. In my mind, they go home and start sorting through all the traditional snapshots to find a single creative gem. I think it’s human nature for the owner to believe that they are responsible for that relative masterpiece, and I’m okay with that. I made an image that they will enjoy and possibly keep for a long time, that’s the reward.

  2. I’m sure that the pictures you take for them are far superior to mine. My goal is to get the entire group into the shot.

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