A Kingdom Of One

XM radio is counting down the top 1000 Classic Rock songs of all time.  I turned to Channel 30 when I got into the car and heard Peter Frampton’s Do You Feel Like We Do!  It was near the end, so I was going to hear who they rated as the very top songs.  The song ended as they introduced the next song, number 319, Taking Care Of Business.  Wait! How can there be 319 songs better than Do You Feel Like We Do?  Not in my world.

Facebook provides interesting insight as to what is important to each of us.  What is important in your little Kingdom of One may be as totally irrelevant to everyone else as my opinion of the top 1000 songs.  This looms large as we get closer to November and the big election.  Your issues may make one candidate better than the others.  Your issues may disqualify one or most of the candidates.  For YOU.  The rest of your friends may have prioritized the issues in a different order.

Look at the list.  Are all of those songs better than Frampton?  Not to me.  But in total, it is a pretty good list.  And when we get through the primary season and the conventions we will have two options.  They may not be who you or I would have chosen to compete for the #1 spot, the Leader of the Free World, but they will be our choices.  We will have to choose one of them.  There is an excellent chance that neither candidate will share all or your priorities.  I can guarantee that neither candidate will have those priorities in the same order as you.



Picture – #1 Was No Surprise – David L Cunix