Where The Hell Is Cunix?

Mayfield Heights-20160506-00746

The beacon cut through the Cleveland gloom. There, high in the sky, in lights, was the familiar picture of a guy talking on the phone.  The call had gone out for Cunix.  Where the Hell is Cunix?  Truth, I was M.I.A.  More specifically, I was taking a nap.

A nap! I don’t nap.  I don’t know that I napped when I was a little kid.  Up until a month ago I viewed sleep as something you did when you ran out of good things to do.  I normally went to bed after midnight and got up at 5:30 or 6 each morning.  Now I drag myself out of bed sometime before 8 and try to find time to rest or nap every afternoon.

These are the adjustments one must make. There is a constant struggle between doing too little and doing too much.  I need to build stamina, but if I push too far I am whipped the next day or two.  So I tend to err on the side of too much.  Because that’s me and because I want to get back to normal.

My favorite nurse checks in almost daily. And not just to scold me!  She monitors my water intake, walking, and rest.  And one day I am going to give her the right answers.

So turn off the beacon and kill the lights. If can’t find me, I’m probably taking a nap.  Or trying hard not to…