Theme Songs

It was the second time. Separated by almost a decade, the music chosen for my introduction, blaring through the speakers was the same song, Takin’ Care of Business from Bachman-Turner Overdrive.  The best theme songs, like nicknames, are given by people who know and appreciate you.   And when it works, the song or nickname gives some insight to the individual.

Both this blog and my Health Insurance Issues With Dave have assigned theme songs to various politicians.  Today’s post codifies a few of my favorites.  Click on the links and let me know if you agree. Feel free to offer alternatives.

Donald Trump – Theme Song

Mike Pence – Theme Song

Barack Obama – Theme Song.  Yes, I was tempted to use Born in the USA.

Hillary Clinton – Theme Song

Mitch McConnell – Theme Song

Paul Ryan – Theme Song. Yes, I was tempted to use Excitable Boy.

Nancy Pelosi – Theme Song

Bernie Sanders – Theme Song

Elizabeth Warren – Theme Song

John Kasich – Theme Song

Newt Gingrich – Theme Song

Dick Cheney – Theme Song

John Boehner – Theme Song

Dennis Hastert – Theme Song


I’m hoping this was good for a chuckle.