Getaway Day


Friday was incredibly busy. I had had two appointments scheduled, two couples in to begin Medicare.  Another client rushed in to take care of an issue at the last minute.  There were calls, emails, and ongoing service situations that needed to be resolved.  I ran out of time.  I picked up Sally, zipped over to Arden Courts in Bainbridge and then returned to my office to submit the time sensitive Medicare Part D (Rx) applications, before meeting friends at Lizardville for the unofficial start of our vacation.  Welcome to Getaway Day, normally the busiest day of the year.

It is hard to take time off. I have never understood the fixation some people have with Fridays.  “We’re done!”  Some people start pining for the weekend on Humpday. Others start obsessing about retirement on their first day of work.  Not me.  I would be lost without this gig.  I’ve been doing this for almost forty years.  The work is challenging and rewarding.  And I spend far more of my waking hours in my office than I’ll ever spend at home.  The office isn’t my second home.  It is my primary and I have to tell you that I lingered there, just a little longer, before I left today.

We will be in Mexico for a week. No second thoughts.  No regrets.  I am ready for a vacation.  I’m exhausted, physically, mentally and emotionally.  I need the break.  Part of this is just an acknowledgment of my own personal limitations.  My little health adventure a couple of years ago shows itself when I battle a cold or find that 12 hour days aren’t as easy as they once were.  The routine fights with insurance companies (yes, I do expect to get paid for my efforts) and the day to day tussles of running a business seem to weigh on me more in the months before a trip.

And emotionally? Crap, I think we have all had enough.  I am going to spend a week away from the news.  Sure, the TV in my room will have CNN and I will be checking my emails daily, but the daily onslaught of all things Trump will be one of the highlights of my trip. He has only been President for a little over a year.  I know, it seems like ten.  I had a woman in my office earlier this week who was more than a little agitated over the price of coverage.  A Trump supporter, she was adamant that “Trumpcare is supposed to save me money.”  Do you want to disabuse her of this notion?

The beaches are calling Sally. The sand, the water, and highs in the mid-80’s are waiting for me.  It is time for a little rest.  But I will miss my office.  And I’ll be ready to be back next week.