Ok Mr. Cunix. TAKE THREE.

I quit.

CUT. That’s a rap.

No. No. No. There’s more to this than that. I can’t end a relationship of over five years with simply two words. It’s not right, and I’m far too verbose.

This is my third pass at writing this column. I hope that this is my final attempt and that it meets with your approval.

My first try was a disaster. Not only did I blame the end on artistic differences, but I took time to delineate some of them. I showed the article to three friends and all of them hated it.

Take two. My second attempt was even worse. After sixty columns of brutal honesty where I never pulled a punch (even though many were self-directed), I laid down my gloves and “wussed out”. Faithful readers know that I’m not a “turn the other cheek” kind of guy. I quickly tore it up.

So that leaves us with this attempt. I’m searching for the middle ground, the in-between.

The time has come to leave. There have been times when I have had two and three columns written in advance. There have been months where my deadline has felt as threatening as April 15th. All writers experience that, but lately I have been less and less comfortable with this venue.

I will miss this opportunity for us to talk each month. I will miss your phone calls and letters. So for those of you who remember the Sound Of Music, let us not say good-bye just….