Under Attack

Three Hundred Ninety-three.  Between 7:37 PM Saturday evening and 4 PM on Sunday, I received 393 emails.  I would like to tell you that these were emails from friends and clients.  I would like to tell you that I’m popular and that the emails I receive, even on weekends, are interesting and useful.

But you know better.

I am under attack.  Fifteen emails were from clients, friends, or alerts about legitimate comments posted to my blogs.  Fourteen were advertisements from Nordstrom and other companies that I have shopped in the past.  The rest, 364 invasions into my inbox, were either spam or notifications of spam comments onto my blogs.

It took almost forty-five minutes to plow through my emails, read and respond to the real ones, and delete the rest.  The painstaking task of removing over 300 (!) bogus comments from the pending section of my blogs was accomplished in about a half an hour.

So while you were watching the Browns almost win or later Sunday while you were watching the CAVS almost win, I was fending off spammers from around the world.  I fought them to a draw.  By the time you read this, I will have eliminated several hundred more unwanted comments.

What I want, what I really need is a defense system.  I would like to send a heat seeking missile, an email bomb, to the spammers.  Try to post a comment on my blog about cheap UGGS or knock-off designer purses, and I hit a reply button that would blow up their system.  BOOM!  Gone.

Think about it.  No more bogus selling systems.  No more fake charities.  No more crap.

Of course, a heat seeking missile, even an email version, is way too dangerous a weapon to be trusted to the general public.  Still, a boy can dream.