The Wall

I got caught speeding 24/7 in a 35 – 40 zone. And when I hit the when I hit the wall, and I did, I didn’t stop or even slow down. I just kept on going.

I finally realized, the first week of February, that I had not had a day off since Thanksgiving. What was the tip-off? What did the wall feel like? It wasn’t the lingering cold. It wasn’t the bout of Shingles. It wasn’t even when my back went out and I had to
drag myself to the massage therapist.

My moment came while sitting at my desk, 10 o’clock in the morning, when I found myself contemplating that evening’s cigar. That’s when I knew that I had had enough.

Four months of intense effort had come to this. I had been working on several major cases, one huge and the others terribly complicated. And though I welcomed the challenges and the opportunity to mine thirty plus years of experience, I may have had too much of a good thing.

Some people talk about their inner child. I don’t have an inner child. Never did. I have an inner adult, and he is an even bigger S.O.B. than me! He hates waste. He accepts few excuses. There are no breaks till all of the work has been completed. No extras or luxuries until the necessities have been covered.

My vacation had been scheduled for months. The last week of February is dedicated to going someplace where Sally can get a real tan. Cancun, Punta Cana, or a cruise. She lays out in the sun while I enjoy the warmth and hide in the shade. We had booked a cruise and I was suddenly finding myself counting down the days till we left.

And when the time came, I took my laptop out of my luggage. My Blackberry afforded me limited contact with my office while I was gone, but I eliminated most of my access. I paid the price for this peace – 863 emails were waiting for me when I returned last Monday. Still, I got some needed rest and I’m ready to get back to work.

No tickets. No walls. I’m hoping to schedule another day off soon. I might even get in a little golf.