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    Just found and read this for the first time today as I scanned these old articles. I must have missed this one. Even after we split, I tried to pick up that paper to see what you were writing. But I was probably too busy right then with my own children and hurt. Sad to read, we could have done better. I wonder if today you see some of the real reasons we didn’t make it. It took two. We lived in a time when “blended families” were not the norm or common as they are today. I often thought during that time of trying to start a group of us moms dealing with these situations, it may have helped, or maybe not. But at least it would have been a try. I also wish you would have considered marriage counselling, but you refused. Sorry, not sure what is in me today. Nothing wrong here, really. Buzz and I are great. But sometimes I wonder……………..


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