R.I.P. My Magnavox

The end came suddenly this past Wednesday. The 27 inch Magnavox that I had mentioned a few months ago, the one that I had walked home over nineteen years ago, went out with a whimper, not a bang. Actually, it was more of a FZZZT. I was listening to the news while reading the Plain Dealer. I heard a brief hissing sound and then nothing. I looked up and saw a blank screen. It was gone. My television had succumbed to old age. It died peacefully. There was no struggle.

There are some people who rush to the breeder or Animal Protection League to adopt a puppy the day after they are forced to put a pet down. I never did that. But I have this beautiful solid cherry entertainment center in my living room and leaving it empty hardly seemed like a good idea. I have other televisions in the bedrooms and my breakfast room. I decided to close the doors of the cabinet and wait an acceptable period of time before replacing the Magnavox. I sat Shiva for two days before I hit the stores.