Lucky To Be In Ohio

The election is over in Ohio.  I guess we are lucky.  Since Trump won there won’t be a fight about our votes.  That appears to be how it works.  If Trump won, the election was fine.  If trump lost, not so much.  We won’t have Rudy and his cohorts camping out at our landscaping companies or courthouses casting aspersions on our voting process.  Sure we live in a state that has elevated gerrymandering to an art form, but out statewide elections weren’t really close.  So everything is copacetic.

The election process and results are under attack in Michigan, Arizona, Nevada, Georgia, and Pennsylvania.  Whether your guy won or lost, is this how you want this to end?  And if you get millions of votes tossed out this time and your guy magically wins, what happens next time.  And there will be a next time.

So we are lucky to live in Ohio.  I hope to be able to say that we are lucky to live in the United States of America.


Picture – Fall In Ohio – David L Cunix