No Dreads

Adam Duritz once sang that he wanted to be Bob Dylan. Well for one brief moment last night, I wanted to be Adam Duritz.

The Cain Park Amphitheater was filled with people who came, who paid (!), to hear him sing about his feelings. He led into one song by saying that he had been involved with a girl from around here eleven or twelve years ago. She drove him crazy. That relationship led to a number of songs.

We came to hear him. I confess that I want people to come to hear me. No, not sing. The only thing worse than my singing is my golf game. This blog is my stage. And the concept of people intentionally coming here is emotionally gratifying.

Intentionally is the key word. Some people stumble upon Again? Really? while searching for a particular topic. Some get hooked by the titles. And of course, some of the visitors to this blog just like to see me tied up and gagged. But intentional visitors, people who subscribe, who read the new posts and even, occasionally, explore the archives, are my packed house.

And witty, on point comments are like having the audience singing along.