Living In The 3 1 5

The time has come to aggressively pursue moderation.  It is time for us, the majority of Americans, to assert our right for representation in the statehouse, the House of Representatives, the Senate, and even in the White House.  It is time for us, the members of the 3 1 5, to elect one of our own. 

What/Where is the 3 1 5?  It is right here.  It is the middle.  On one extreme are those with faith in faithlessness and an almost slavish devotion to science.  This extreme can be represented by Pi or 3.14.  The other extreme sees the invisible hand of their G-d in everything, right down to the yardage gained by their football stars.  They can be represented by the New Testament verse 3:16 from the Book of John.   

3 1 4 on one extreme.  3 1 6 on the other.  Me?  I’m living in the 3 1 5. 

I watched the Republican debates this past week.  Four men vying for the most powerful position in the world were fighting over which was least likely to hunt down elderly illegal Mexican women who are busily making cookies and tacos for their grandchildren.

Of course, the grandmother debate was a welcome break from the usual discussions of abortion, Obamacare, and the bombing of Iran.  Thursday was the 19th debate.  Even my Republican friends have stopped watching.

So Friday night I caught Real Time with Bill Maher.  Mr. Maher has made a fetish of attacking people of faith.  On last night’s show he assailed Mitt Romney for donating heavily to the Mormon Church and taking the appropriate tax deduction.  Mr. Maher would like to reduce faith in a higher power and all religion to believing in a talking snake.

We, the 3 1 5, are under siege.  It may be easy to laugh at Rick Santorum, a former US Senator who is running for President, Vice-President, or the part of Milhouse when The Simpsons finally come to Broadway, but there are people voting for him.  He may have won the Iowa Caucus.  And as much as he would like to limit the government’s regulatory involvement in business, he and his fellow Republican hopefuls wish to insert their religious beliefs into our personal lives.

The Democrats are far less concerned with our bedrooms.  In fact, the bedroom, or our interpersonal relationships, may be the only area they don’t wish to regulate.  My other blog, Health Insurance Issues With Dave, has discussed the government’s overreach into the payment and delivery of healthcare.  Another issue is the recently passed Dodd Frank legislation that was meant to prevent another 2008 style meltdown.  Yes, we needed more government oversight.  Unfortunately, we shot past more and went all of the way to excessive.

In an effort to correct one party’s excesses we elect the other side and get blindsided by their excesses.  Back and forth.  Back and forth.  We in the 3 1 5 suffer from whiplash as one extreme or the other gets their moment of power.

Do we, the 3 1 5, have a presidential candidate?  None come to mind.  Perhaps you could name a prospect or two?  It is time for us to give this some thought.  Stuck in the middle of a large lake, we are in a row boat with one oar.  We aren’t moving forward.  We won’t, we can’t, until we acquire a second oar and learn to use them in tandem.

7 thoughts on “Living In The 3 1 5

  1. The new spam filter makes it almost impossible for anyone to comment. I am sorry. This is from Jeff Hershberger, author of the excellent My Future Past:

    19 debates?? It did seem like they never quit, but I had no idea. Who thinks 19 debates is a good thing?

    Last week Alice posted a status on Facebook to the effect that she is a moderate Republican and anyone who thinks that makes her a bad person should feel free to unfriend her. Three people actually did. I commented, by way of supporting her, that I am a moderate liberal and I’m equally disgusted by extremism on both sides. That’s what American politics has been like for as long as I can remember: disgusting. It’s polarizing and inhumane with a complete lack of empathy.

    I wish I had a lighter note with which to end this comment. But I don’t see any way to throw off the grip of the extremists. The fact is, they care, with a burning righteous indignation, and that keeps them involved. The center doesn’t. It would take an outside force like 9/11 to mobilize moderate Americans to do something to take control over the direction of the country. And nobody wants a disaster like that again.


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