It Took A Team

A deer ran into my car.  For the purposes of accuracy and my ego, it is important to state unequivocally that the deer hit me and not the other way around.

  • We were unhurt.
  • The deer was fine.
  • My vehicle suffered $9,600 of damage.

Worse, the deer was uninsured.

We were driving north on SOM Center Road in the early evening of October 6th.  We had been at a lovely outside wedding at Solon Chabad.  We had just turned onto SOM Center when the deer ran into the front left side of the car, bounced off the grille, and kept on running.  I stopped the car to both inspect the damage and look for the animal.  Neither the police nor I found the deer, which was positive.

Carl Vajdich of State Farm was my first call the next morning.  His office quickly started the claim.  Tom Page, my friend, client, and the owner of the best body shop in Ohio, Page’s Body Shop, retired several years ago.  I had no idea where to take the car.  I was directed to Mayfield-Brainard Collision and Paint and Enterprise Rent A Car at Richmond and Wilson Mills.  My Lincoln Corsair is only six months old.  I needed it to be restored to good as new.

It took a little over a month for Mayfield-Brainard to get all of the new parts.  It would have taken much longer but we had one more member of the team, Bertha Carey the Concierge Service Manager at Lincoln Client Relationship Center.  Ms. Carey tracked down the parts and expedited their delivery to the body shop.

I have a Lincoln because my son, Phillip, sells Lincolns.  If he sold Toyotas I’d have a Toyota or a Lexus.  If he sold GM’s I’d probably have a Cadillac.  I’m not old enough to own a Buick.  I’ve had State Farm car insurance for forty years.  Had this been a different vehicle or a different insurer or a different body shop or a different car rental place this story could have been as positive.  It could have been.  I would like to believe that my successful experience isn’t an outlier.  But for today, I am appreciative of the excellent and timely service I received from the entire team.


Pictures – Before And After – David L Cunix