Guest Blog Post From Kristian Campana

On this day in the Northeast Ohio area, bloggers from the Ohio Blogging Association are guest posting on each other’s blogs as a way to help one another in our blogging community. A full listing of blog swap participants can be found at Poise in Parma.

Today I am swapping with Kristian Campana of Adventures of a Trapped 300 Pound Man. Although Kristian typically writes of eating adventures and festival-related mishaps, he has decided to write about a thought that has been plaguing his mind lately.

I hope you enjoy his rant.

– Dave

Is my brain a satellite dish?

I sit here at the computer and begin writing this blog post, wondering how many other people around the world are sitting at their own computers writing blog posts while also wondering how many other people around the world are sitting at their computers and writing blog posts.

(Read that first paragraph a second time if it’s not yet clear.)

Many times as a child, I remember my mother cooking a dish like chicken paprikash or meatloaf or something, only to learn that both sisters (one in town and the other in St. Louis) made the same dishes on the same days. These were not planned cooking events. These were coincidences.

Or were they?

Later on, I would experience this phenomenon myself, making a similar dish to that of my mother or brother.

Now, granted, there could be a strong psychic connection between me and my family members that leads us to make similar dishes on the same day, but now I ask…

What made us make that dish in the first place?

Is there something deep inside our brain that is able to receive suggestive frequencies that structure our menus? Do these frequencies also structure our habits, pet peeves and how much we tip at the Olive Garden?

The more I read about astrology, the more I realize that it’s not about predicting the future. Instead, it’s an interpretation on the placement of planets and how they form angles that expand or restrict the frequencies they emit.

Interpreting these angles doesn’t say what is going to happen…it only shows what energies or frequencies are strong and which are weak so that you can take advantage of it (or be wary of it).

Think of a Farmer’s Almanac for the Cosmos.

But whether you believe in astrological frequencies, it’s difficult to dispute that there are many types of unseen frequencies and waves out there that are interpreted to us through gadgets like televisions, radios, and IPhones.

So who’s to say that we don’t subconsciously pick up on even other types of frequencies out there, causing us to react by taking out the trash, paying our taxes or occupying Wall Street?

Is there really “something in the air” right before a major change? Are we simply tuning into something unseen and suggestive?

As I write this blog post, I wonder if someone in France is picking up on some of the same frequencies as me.

Perhaps Jean Claude is also finishing his blog post and it’s on this exact topic and he too will be enjoying a chicken lunch in only a matter of minutes.

And I wonder if he is wondering about me like I am wondering about him.

And I wonder if other people around the world are wondering about us.

And I wonder if they will be eating chicken too.