Occupying more space than ever
Looking out at a vast expanse

I’m cornered.

My error
My doing
No one to blame but me.
Too trusting
   When I should have taken control.

What once was two
Is now three
What once was good
Is now

I’m cornered.

Partnership was once revered
Now its just passé

I’m cornered.

My future
Now past
No way to reclaim what is gone.
Stopped worrying
Felt safe
   My timing could not have been worse.

What once was two
Is now three
What once was good
Is now

I’m cornered.

5 thoughts on “Cornered

  1. David,

    When I read the title of your piece and found that it was about your recent relocation, I assumed only one positive possibility; that being that you wound up with a corner office.

    If in fact you formed a true partnership, it might be a negative possibility.
    Office sharing, on the other hand, can’t be all that bad.

    True partnerships are like marriages. Unfettered sharing can be difficult, unless everyone pulls the wagon equally.

    Michael – No Names Please

  2. Michael:
    There is a danger in assuming that one knows the back story of a post or the exact meaning. I have already received phone calls and emails inquiring about the state of my relationship with Sally (terrific). My favorite guess was that this post was about the City of Beachwood and its mishandling of economic development (No, but amusing). Not every piece written in the first person is about me. And there have been posts written in the third person that were completely about me.
    That might be the real difference between writing and reporting.

  3. David,

    That clears up just about everything.
    First person present tense is not tense afterall.

    Michael No Names Please

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