V.N. was visiting my office for our annual political / insurance conversation.

 DC – I heard something new today, a new word.  Contraction.

VN – Contraction?

Contraction.  Sounds ominous.

How is that different than a double dip recession?

I suspect that the difference is that a double dip recession still implies that at some point it ends and things return to normal.  A contraction means that the economy…


I’m thinking more like a crash landing.  If we get the wheels down, everyone survives and the plane suffers only minor damage.

And if we don’t?

Well, you have got to hope that there is enough time to foam the runway.

Otherwise we are all doomed.

Yes, you are watching the Priest walking up and down the aisle administering Last Rites.  “Any Catholics?  Anybody want to be a Catholic right now?”

It doesn’t look good, does it?

We may be in trouble.

We may be in trouble is the understatement of the century.  Our elected officials are long on ambition and short on talent.  There are few visionaries.  We appear to be stuck with managers.  The most competent are fighting for the right to foam the runway.

So as a public service, I am asking you, my readers, to name one Democrat AND one Republican that would be worth your vote.  They don’t need to be on the same level of even represent you.  I would prefer that you only name living, U.S. politicians.  No fair naming FDR and Ike.  An acceptable answer might be Orrin Hatch, the Republican Senator from Utah, and Democratic State Representative Armond Budish.  I’m not saying that either would, necessarily, be my choice.  But, to participate you need to name both a D and an R.

I am asking you to shine a positive light on a rather bleak subject.

I had a lovely visit with V.N.  As she was leaving, she mentioned how long I’ve been her agent.  “29 years”, she said.  “I must be your oldest client.”

“No”, I said.  “You are one of my youngest clients.  I’ve just been your agent for a very long time.”