Chained To The House

“This is Peter. What’s your problem Mr. Cooonix?”

My problem, Peter, is that I’m lonely. Its 11:30 Wednesday morning and I’m all alone. YOUR REPAIRMAN’S NOT HERE.

“You’re scheduled for service some time today.”

No, Peter. After your guys failed to show up last Saturday, I was scheduled to be the first one seen today. There’s no one here. I don’t mind Peter. I’d much rather stay home and do laundry that go to my office and run my business.

“Well, there’s nothing I can do about it.”

You could get someone over here. NOW.

“I can’t do that. It’s not my job.”

I called the repair number and asked for the person responsible and they gave me you. Did they screw up Peter?

“I have it right here. You were to be serviced first thing Wednesday morning.”

Gee Peter, when the technician called ten minutes ago he said that he didn’t know I was to be first.

“Well, I don’t know who your technician is.”

Larry. Larry P.

“Oh yeah. I’ll call him.”

Right. He’s going to leave in the middle of a job. Get someone here now!

“Why are you yelling at me?”

Because my business is closed while I’m waiting for your guy. This is your fourth scheduled visit.

“I’ll call the technician, then I’ll call you back.”

It has been forty-five minutes. Obviously, my mistake was in calling Sears to repair one of their refrigerators.

This all started in July. I noticed a problem with my twelve year old refrigerator. There was water dripping on to the shelves and my “no-frost” freezer was filled with frost. I called Sears.

The first repairman came on Saturday, July 9th. He diagnosed a problem with the door and gasket. Ten minutes and $84 later, he told me that the freezer will be fine in time or I can defrost it and it will be back to normal immediately. Empting a filled freezer and watching the meat thaw and the ice cream melt was more than I cared to do. So we let mature take its course.

My mid-September, it became apparent that the fridge was still a problem. There were little puddles inside and outside the machine. I defrosted the freezer and things got worse. A second visit was scheduled for September 24th, another Saturday morning.

We got another repairman on the 24th. Larry diagnosed the problem in seconds. We needed a new divider. The part was only $30 but he didn’t have one with him. He would have to order it. Someone would be out in three weeks. An appointment was made for Saturday, October 15. The machine would have to be off, empty and defrosted before the technician arrived

The call came at 9 a.m. “This is Sears. We can’t come out today. We had some emergencies come up today. We’ll call back later.” Alissa answered the phone and told them that we expected the refrigerator repaired today. The dispatcher called three hours later. Even if one of the repairmen finished early, my machine could not be fixed today. They had already returned the divider.

I’ll admit that I lost my temper. A house full of people and no refrigerator! The dispatcher promised that a technician would be at my house first thing Wednesday morning to repair my refrigerator. I was assured that the problem would be handled and that I would only be charged for the part. We plugged it back in and resumed our lives.

That brings you up to speed. The fourth load is about to come out of the dryer. I’ve talked to a couple of clients, made a tape for my car and gotten thoroughly aggravated.

A Sears technician arrived at 12:30. Not Larry. He walked in with the divider and while in the middle of my kitchen asked me where the refrigerator was! I left the room quickly.
It took an hour and a half to install the divider. I walked in to the kitchen and nearly slipped on the wet floor and debris. The repairman tried to add insult to injury by handing me a bill for over $170. I told him that I was to only pay for the part. He didn’t know anything about that. I had had enough. I told him to send me a corrected statement and showed him the door.

I’ll still shop for refrigerators, washers, and dryers from Sears. I’ll just never call them again for service.