A Solid B In A Pass/Fail World


Dusty, the main character in Alex Bevan’s song Gibson Mandolin, looked up too soon.  Spoiler Alert: It does not end well for poor Dusty.  Letting your guard down too early can have dire consequences.

We are working hard to earn a solid B in this pandemic.  We haven’t locked ourselves in the condo, covered ourselves in bubble wrap, and limited ourselves to occasional trips to the balcony.  We are being careful and listening to the medical experts.

Our first masks were abject failures.  Sally attempted one from a bathing suit top.  It was stylish, Sally is always stylish, but it was too big and of little value.  I tried to make one from an old blue t-shirt.  The ear loops made from her ponytail holders were of little value.  Rubber bands hurt.  We were doomed.  We finally found a couple of masks for sale at Fresh Thyme.  We were on our way.    We scored a dozen organic cotton non-medical masks from Naturepedic.  The elastic ear pieces fit much better.  Having the basics covered, I even ordered two masks from our friend, New York fashion designer Michael Kaye.  We’ve got masks and we’ve got gloves.

The next step, once you’ve got protective gear, is to wear it.  I recently saw a post on Facebook from a guy laughing at people wearing masks while driving alone in a car.  Well of course we do!  I put on the mask and gloves before I leave my home.  There is a chance that I will come into contact with someone in the garage, at the store, or on my way into my office.  The goal is to put this on once, not to take the mask on and off.  Every time I put the mask on I am touching my face.  The gear is most effective if left on and kept on.  Is it comfortable while wearing glasses?  No. Do my glasses fog at times?  Sure.  But these are small prices to pay for safety and safety is the goal.

We have limited our trips outside of our home.  I haven’t cooked this much since the kids were little.  The side benefit is that we are eating well and may even lose a pound a two.  We are walking a couple of miles around the condo complex almost every day.  Our neighbors have been doing a good job of social distancing.   We’re all trying.

The malls are opening up this week.  Some states have decided that this is pretty much over.  I could use a haircut.  You could, too.  I miss eating out, and traveling, and meeting with my clients in person.  These are small sacrifices.  Will the barber, the store clerk, or the waiter universally practice social distancing?  Can they?  And can you get a test to find out whether you or they have or have had COVID 19?  The answer to all of these questions is no.

Dusty looked up too soon.  I hope to not repeat his mistake.



Picture – Butterflies – David L Cunix