A Darn Shame

I was thinking about my clients.  The people who come to my office are Jewish, Catholic, Protestant, Muslim, Sikh, Hindus, Agnostics, and Atheists.  Not only to I have clients who are adherents of so many faiths, I also have had the opportunity to provide the health and life insurance for a number of churches and synagogues.  My clients are male, female, and non-binary.  Some of my clients are straight.  Others are L, G, B, or T.  I know this because I have spent 45 years talking with my clients and getting to know them as people.  They have trusted me to protect their privacy.   They have allowed me to help solve their insurance needs.

What an honor!  So many of us are lucky to have specialized knowledge, an understanding of how one little segment of our world works and the ability to help people.  For me, insurance.  For others it might be family law, or dentistry, or taxes, or that employee at the mall who helps you to purchase the right suit.  Specialized knowledge.  I celebrate the opportunity to help someone.  Which brings me to the recent Supreme Court decision.

The news reported that a woman in Colorado took a case to the Supreme Court in the hope that she wouldn’t be forced to create wedding websites for gay couples.  She wasn’t doing wedding sites and she didn’t have any prospects.  She could have easily eliminated her potential future problem by posting on her website that she respects her religion’s view of marriage and that all of her websites would include references to marriage being the solemn union of one man and one woman.  Gay couples would reject her and her company.  Where is the fun in that?  No, she wanted to reject them, the gay people, and to shame them.

I can’t imagine that this woman will be successful.  Is there a market for her services?  The organizations that funded this lawsuit don’t need her.  One thing is certain, she will never have a chance to meet and get to know the millions of Americans who don’t look like her, pray like her, or LOVE like her.  And that is a darn shame.



Picture – The World Won’t Stop For You – David L Cunix